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Virtual Reality - Immerse yourself today!

Strap on a VR Headset and be transported into amazing alternative worlds in our wide range of VR games. At Epic Arena, we have 4 VR booths ready and waiting for you.

Virtual Reality engages in visually immerse realities, a simulator experience in a whole new dimension.

We use Oculus with the brand new innovative software Rift S.

Come and try something extremely immersive as this trending technology provides scope and truly heighten your imagination.

Hey, don’t forget to ask about our memberships available from $40/week and $30/week for juniors(up to 13 years old).

Must try VR Games at Epic Arena to name a few include:

  • If you or a family member is epileptic or have any existing heart conditions we do not recommend a VR experience.
  • Some VR games may incur a feeling of nausea or motion sickness. Epic Arena Ltd Pty does not take any liability for injury or nausea.

Golf Simulator

Every golfer has a list of dream courses that they would love to play.

Here at Epic Arena you can work through your bucket list and let your imagination take over as we offer more than 150,000 Golf Courses! Our courses can be played rain, hail or shine including our very own golf course Epic Arena with the spectacular undulating greens.

All in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned venue with an extensive bar and oversized Foxtel screens.

Must try courses at Epic Arena to name a few St Andrews, Pebble Beach and of course famed Augusta National we are one of the only venues in Melbourne to offer this must try course.

We also have Kids Courses that are suitable for children 6 years and over, along with simulator Mini Golf and plenty of challenges for those young and old that like a faster pace competition.

Personal clubs welcome and encouraged however must be cleaned and sanitised prior to use at Epic Arena and due to safety regulations, we may refuse their use on our simulators.

The good news is Club Hire is available for $10 per simulator arena.

Hey, don’t forget to ask about our memberships available from $40/week and $30/week for juniors(up to 13 years old).

We have a selection of left/right-handed clubs and one of our friendly staff will assist in allocating you suitable clubs.

Golf lessons can be pre-booked subject to availability. Please refer to Golf Pro Lessons for further information.

We suggest you wear comfortable clothing. All participating guests must wear enclosed shoes – no thongs or sandals allowed.

At Epic Arena, we have 6 Golf Simulators ready and waiting for you.

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