Virtual Reality Games

From: $45.00

The venue is 18+ from 8pm to 11pm on Friday and 8pm to 11pm Saturday.

Booking time is 1 Hour, actual game time is 45 minutes due to COVID-19 cleaning compliance checklists.

Strap on a VR Headset and be transported into amazing alternative worlds in our wide range of VR games. At Epic Arena, we have 4 VR booths ready and waiting for you. Hey, don’t forget to ask about our memberships available from $40/week and $30/week for juniors(up to 13 years old).

Virtual Reality engages in visually immerse realities, a simulator experience in a whole new dimension.

We use Oculus with the brand new innovative software Rift S.

Come and try something extremely immersive as this trending technology provides scope and truly heighten your imagination.

Must try VR Games at Epic Arena to name a few includes:

Beat Saber ~ A Rhythm game, where your aim is to slash the beats which perfectly fit into your own precisely handcrafted music.

Job Simulator ~ A world where you will witness a time where robots have replaced all human jobs!

Superhot ~ Time moves when you do in oblivion!

Skyfront ~ A fast-paced if you are an adrenaline junkie, where you can select from an array of weapons. This is one impressive action game.

Riches Plank ~ Standing 80 stories high above the ground, you are faced with a choice – walk the plank or freeze. This is thrill-seeking at its best where you’ll experience double the immersion!

We use leather, antibacterial headsets, hairnets are provided and must be worn for hygiene purposes.

Children must be at least 6 years of age to participate and use the equipment.

Your ability and comfort level is at your discretion whether you participate.

If you or a family member is epileptic or have any existing heart conditions we do not recommend a VR experience.

Eyewear such as prescription glasses and contact lenses may be worn while using VR headsets however we recommend thin frames for your comfort level.

Some VR games may incur a feeling of nausea or motion sickness. Epic Arena Ltd Pty does not take any liability for injury or nausea.
Immerse yourself today.